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6 things to do in
Lisbon with kids

6 things to do in Lisbon with kids

The holidays are always open and the kids busy with interesting and dynamic activities. Why is there no vacation in the city that provides fun times with children?

In this article we suggest 6 activities to do in the city of Lisbon.

1. Playgrounds


They are always popular with small children, and in Lisbon it is no different. Playgrounds can also give kids minutes to relax while kids have fun.

These spaces can be found everywhere and some of the more recent spaces can be found at: Dom Luis Square, 27, which is near the Commercial Square, on the Tagus River; Children's Park of Neptune, located near the Aquarium of Lisbon; Sud Kids is located near the famous sites of Belém Jardim da Cerca da Graça, Calçada do Monte 46; Parque da Colina, barbecues and children's playground.

2. Walking on the tram


The tram is one of the best means of transport for traveling in Lisbon and at the same time for a sightseeing visit. It is part of the experience of visiting the Portuguese capital.

When you hear the characteristic sound of their bells and watch them go by with their traditional yellow color, there is no one who can resist a little tour.

Tram 28 is the most famous and charming in the city. It has a mandatory stop in the most fun and lively neighborhoods of the capital of Portugal! Let's go on an electric tour with the kids?

3. Lisbon Oceanarium


The aquarium is next to the cable car station and is, without doubt, one of the largest aquariums in Europe. The Lisbon Oceanarium has more than 450 different species, totaling 16,000 creatures on the spot.

Built for Expo 98, here it was to show the different habitats of the Antarctic, Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Here are 25 000 fish, birds and mammals, distributed by two routes: one terrestrial and one underwater. It has activities for kids and adults; exhibitions; and, on school holidays, has special programs for the younger ones.

The tickets are divided between permanent exhibition and permanent and temporary exhibition.

4. Pastéis de Belém


No trip to Lisbon is complete without eating the typical pastries. These confections were made in the same store with the same recipe in Belém since 1834.

The world famous pastel de Belém is a must try when in Lisbon. Be sure to take your time and enjoy a coffee or chocolate of your luck while out. It's a great activity to do in Lisbon with kids, especially on a hot day.

No family in Lisbon is complete without eating their share of the pastel.

5. Museum of the Navy


This incredible Museum of the History of Portuguese Navigation is from the Age of Discovery in the 1500's until today and is absolutely incredible. Models and artifacts explain the story just for you to end up in only what I can call a large auditorium that houses normal sized boats.

It really is a must-see museum and you can easily take 3 hours to visit it. It is one of the best museums in Europe for the whole family!

6. Tuk Tuks Tour


Lisbon and Portugal, in general, seem to be channeling their Asian interior. This incredible Tuk Tuk tour takes visitors to all points along the Tagus River, from the Commercial Square, the Augusta Street Arch and everything else until you reach the foot of the Monument of the Discoveries in Bethlehem.
If you want to visit Lisbon in a different and fun way, children will love this way of visiting!

Make sure to negotiate your tuk-tuk price in Lisbon before boarding and starting the trip. Do not accept the first offer and make a counter offer, in order to take better advantage of the trip.
A family trip is not complete without a tour of the tuk tuks!