Enter the magical seaworld of Oceanario

Do you love animals? And do you love the Ocean? This oceanario is a must see not to be missed in your next trip to Lisbon. It was considered the best World Aquarium by 'Travelers Choice 2018' on TripAdvisor.
Closing times

● Opens at 10:00 am
● Closes at 19:00 pm


There is a restaurant available with 400 sqare meters with a contemporanean and cosmopolitan look offers healthy cooking Menu inpired on Mediterranean gastronomy.

Closing Times:
Summer - 10:00 am - 19:00 pm
Winter 10:00 am - 18:00 pm

Getting there

There are several options to get to Oceanário.

●Train - Alfa Pendular and Intercity trains, inter-regional and regional trains (connections to the North and South of Portugal are available), and the Azambuja line (Lisbon-Azambuja)

● Bus - Nearest stop: Oriente (East) Station 705, 725, 728, 744, 708, 750, 759, 782, 794

● Metro - Red line – Oriente (East) Station


Tickets can be bought online in www.oceanario.pt/en/visit/buy-tickets/ YOUNG (4 TO 12 YEARS) - 10,80 €
SENIOR (+65 YEARS) - 10,80 €
ADULT (13 - 64 YEARS) - 16,20 €

What you can see


With a large central aquarium with 7 million liters of salt water. Four marine habitats create the illusion that we are facing a single aquarium and one ocean. The visit takes place on two levels, the terrestrial and the underwater, crossing the temperate, tropical and cold waters of the different oceans of the planet.
You will be able to see Invertebrates, Sea Birds, Fish, Mammals, Amphibians, Plants and Algae.

There some activities that are worth the experience like:

Guided tours - A different, unforgettable experience.
Birthday Party- Birthday parties.The liveliest ocean parties.
Sleeping with sharks - Who'd have thought sharks would make good sleeping buddies?
Music for babies - Concert for babies, The main aquarium provides a dreamlike fantasy setting for music and dance performances.
● Fado for babies - Hush now, as we "dive" into Fado, at a unique concert for babies.
● Oceans for all ages - Come with us on this journey dedicated to senior citizens.