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The best cities to
celebrate the New
Year´s Eve

Looking forward to the New Year’s Eve? Do you want to get into 2019 with all of it? We selected 5 cities where you can take the best of it on this special night. 

New York, USA 

Since 1907, the great "ball" of the New York Times Square has descended, marking the start of a new year for those who fervently follow the largest celebration in the United States. The party to say goodbye to the year that is going begins no less than seven hours before during which you can see musical performances of celebrities of the first level before a rain of almost a ton of confetti falls on the heads of almost one million of people who congregate in the square.

Book your flight now because the celebration of Times Square is something you have to live once in your life and 2019 cannot end better than in the city of skyscrapers.

London, UK


A New Year's Eve in London means seeing the magnificent fires on the banks of the Thames around the London Eye and Big Ben, two of London's top attractions.

You know that going to London at Christmas is always a real pleasure, so take advantage of what you have around the corner to finish this 2018 in a big way. From the South Bank, next to the well-known London Eye, you can watch with more than 500,000 people the incredible fireworks display over the Thames and Big Ben when the new year has begun. The end of the year party in the British capital lasts until late at night but if you decide to start 2019 without stopping to celebrate, you can not miss the New Year's Day Parade, a great New Year's parade in which the best musicians, dancers, and acrobats roam the streets of the city.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai’s legendary NYE celebrations are the highlight of the year. Everything in Dubai is luxurious and grandiloquent, and fireworks for the arrival of the new year are no exception.

One of the recommended points to enjoy them is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. You can go to dinner at one of its several restaurants. The other place of great pyrotechnics is the Burj Al Arab, an unmistakable and emblematic building in the shape of a sailboat. Dubai is one of the new destinations where to start the year in a very visual and impressive way.

Barcelona, Spain


At midnight the tradition in Barcelona is to eat 12 grapes, one for each second before midnight (there are 12 beacons of the clock) and that represent the 12 months of the year. Those who stay at home, follow the transmission and the news on TV and go eating each of the grapes and asking for a wish for each one of them. Who passes the turn in the street, accompanies by giant screens, depending on the place, and shouting every second along with the other people.

The meeting point for those who want to eat the grapes on the street and drink their cava (typical Catalonian sparkling wine) is usually on Avenida Maria Cristina, in the Montjuic district. After that is when the best ballads in Barcelona begin to open and are successful with their year-end theme parties.

Sydney, Australia


If you wish to be among the first people in the world to celebrate New Year's Eve, Sydney is an excellent choice. Sydney takes the passage of the year very seriously, for the fireworks begin at 6 p.m. and follow night where at midnight culminates a spectacle of losing sight in the skies of the city.

The mandatory place to be at midnight is at the famous Sydney Opera House to have the best view of the show or board a boat at Harbor of Light if you wish to be right on the spectrum of action. Or "camp" on Cockatoo Island, a well-known island in the middle of the UNESCO-listed port.