Want to know about activities in Paris? Check our suggestions bellow!

Night tour at the Louvre and wine tasting,

avoid the queues and enjoy this tour where you'll be for two and a half hours, visit the Louvre art works, followed by a tasting of French wine, accompanied by an experienced guide.

Night tour of Paris with ghosts, mysteries and legends,

Paris at night is not only romantic. For others it can be a place of mystery and ghosts. This excursion is done on foot, and passes through places where in the past something terrible happened, such as areas devastated by the plague, or French Revolution, by the Paris Commune or by the Nazi Regime.

Paris Escape Game,

if you like Escape games, this is a fun way to get to know Paris. Use your smartphone and travel the streets of Paris to save the hostages from the evil Dr. Crypto, following the clues provided.

Cruise on the Seine River Bateaux-Mouche with dinner and live music,

this is the most romantic way to get to know Paris by night. Embark on a 3-hour cruise aboard a Bateaux-Mouches, and delight yourself with a magnificent dinner while enjoying the wonderful landscape of the illuminated monuments on the banks of the Seine.

Palace of Versailles and gardens with gourmet lunch by Chef Ducasse,

this trip begins with a train journey from Paris to Versailles, where you will visit the Palace and its beautiful gardens, followed by a royal lunch served in a 18th century room

Private tour: Tour the secrets of Paris in 2CV,

in Paris be like the Parisians and explore the city in a memorable 2CV led by your guide. You will be transported by less touristy areas such as Place Vendôme, Kiosque des Noctambules, Stravinsky Fountain, Le Marais district, among others.